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SWFAddress not updating on a Mac

Leave a comment 4 February 2012

At Specialmoves we maintain a very large multi-lingual Flash site for a luxury brand. As part of a recent update we noticed that there appeared to be some issues with the url and title of the browser not updating. It … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the future of Flash

1 Comment 29 January 2012

It’s that time of the year again when people write off Flash saying this year really is the end of flash with HTML5* taking over the world. I’m not so sure and here are my thoughts why. Regular readers may … Continue reading

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Space Monkey

5 Comments 9 March 2011

You might play this game and think “this is just a copy of that iPhone game Doodle Jump”, and you’d be completely right. I was bored the other weekend and thought I’d make a game. I like Doodle Jump and … Continue reading

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ColorWall gets half a million hits

Leave a comment 4 March 2011

So last night, while I was tucked away in bed in London, somewhere in the world (possibly even in London) someone viewed ColorWall, and little did they know they where the 500,000th unique person to see it. Madness. I made … Continue reading

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addFrameScript and currentLabels

3 Comments 9 February 2011

Today I’ve been setting up a very simple project – an intro animation and then some text/links fade in. The designers are making the animation and I’m just writing some basic code for the links etc (it’s CMS driven, many … Continue reading

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