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2 Comments 12 October 2009

The other day I wore an Adobe HELLO WOLRD t-shirt (modeled below by my lovely friend Sonya) I picked up from the FOTB conference last month. A couple of people in the office made some light-hearted geek comments. Geek! – … Continue reading

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Remove all children from DisplayObject3D

5 Comments 7 October 2009

I sometimes use the below code when removing all children from a Sprite or MovieClip in AS3: while(myContainer.numChildren) {   myContainer.removeChildAt(0); } Here is the Papervision equivalent for removing children from a DisplayObject3D: for(var o:Object in myContainer.children) {   myContainer.removeChild(myContainer.children[o]); … Continue reading

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Papervision 3d Digital Clock

3 Comments 19 July 2009

This is something I created to kill time whilst on a long train journey to see my folks this weekend – yeah yeah OK, coding for fun on the train isn’t so cool, but I had intended to watch the … Continue reading

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