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HTML5 Space Monkey

1 Comment 27 February 2012

After finishing at Specialmoves last week I now have a few weeks off before moving to New York and getting started at Fi, so plenty of time to work on all the little experiments and ideas I’ve had recently. I’ve … Continue reading

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Star Particles

5 Comments 7 November 2011

Two posts in two days! Just made a star version of the fun particle thing I made yesterday! Check it out here. The stars are drawn with code – check the source code to see how. I’ve got a few … Continue reading

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Fun with JavaScript and particles

Leave a comment 6 November 2011

So since my last post exactly 2 months ago it’s remained fairly quiet on the site. The reason being that I’m currently tech lead on a big project at Specialmoves that is due to go live really soon (more on … Continue reading

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Space Monkey

5 Comments 9 March 2011

You might play this game and think “this is just a copy of that iPhone game Doodle Jump”, and you’d be completely right. I was bored the other weekend and thought I’d make a game. I like Doodle Jump and … Continue reading

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ColorWall gets half a million hits

Leave a comment 4 March 2011

So last night, while I was tucked away in bed in London, somewhere in the world (possibly even in London) someone viewed ColorWall, and little did they know they where the 500,000th unique person to see it. Madness. I made … Continue reading

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