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Click2Touch was my first flash job and is where it all started! In fact, as dramatic as it sounds, I probably wouldn’t be a Flash Developer if it was for C2T. At the beginning of my 2nd year at uni I was fairly confused about what I wanted to specialize in. Doing a Multimedia degree I had experience doing audio and video production, 3d animation, and web development stuff, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make a career in. A friend of a friend wanted some flash work doing and I managed to blag the job (it was definitely better than working in a restaurant!), and ended up working there for 15 hours a week until I finished my degree. Those 18 months of genuine work really pushed me to learn a lot about flash and gave me the CV experience to get a job in London as a Developer as soon as my degree was done.

My official title was Multimedia Designer, and most of the coding was timeline based/on the first frame (I still didn’t know what classes were at the time). But the experience was great and it really got me interested in flash and what it could do.

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