1 Comment 10 February 2010

Like ColorWall but sort of a snake, it probably makes more sense after you’ve seen it so click here to view it. Yesterday I had to create an effect for a site I’m currently working on and once again turned to ColorWall for inspiration. I actually ended up using something else but while messing around with the ColorWall code I created this snake like effect.

I only made ColorWall as an experiment to figure out a way of re-creating Yugo Nakamura’s wonderwall. However, I’ve since used the code for a couple of other projects/experiments, including a page flip (which I still need to post about). It’s great how something so simple can inspire/help with so many other projects.

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  1. 16 February 2010

    wow, those colours are lovely! :) great effect, stick some pleasant colour logic in, and perhaps a random glitch or two and it’ll be sexy!

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