HTML5 – Don’t talk trash about my Flash

3 Comments 11 May 2010

It’s been ages since my last post, and I’m slightly irritated it was about AS2 so thought I’d have to stick something up, anything, just as long as it wasn’t AS2! Every few months we have an Innovations Week at TMW which involves a week of lunch time presentations. On Monday I presented about HTML5, focusing mainly on the video and canvas tags. The presentation was a brief introduction into what HTML5 is, aimed mainly at Client Service and Project Managers (so not very techy).

Most of the info was taking from John Herrmann’s article on Gizmodo (some of it word for word!) and I also found Richard Leggett’s article very useful/interesting.

I won’t go into too much more detail as you can read the above articles if your interested in the subject, but I thought it was worth sticking my presentation up which can be viewed here. The second to last slide contains a few other useful links about HTML5.

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3 Responses to HTML5 – Don’t talk trash about my Flash

  1. 12 May 2010

    Good presentation deck mate – it reads well even without you presenting it. Interesting to hear about the different codecs and stuff that are holding up the progress of HTML5 for video. If that deck is to be believed, we’re a way off having a universal standard. The two codecs on offer are hindered by massive file sizes or massive cost – surely this will be overcome soon? Also I’m afraid I’m not convinced that you’re technology-neutral. What’s the title of this blog again?

  2. 12 May 2010

    Thanks mate. I am technology-neutral (err, also ignore the title of the presentation!), I’ve really enjoyed playing around with HTML5 and hope I’ll get a chance to do a lot more in the future, I suppose I could go for something bit more generic for a url… but I’m kind of attached to! :) I think once they have sorted the issues listed in the presentation HTML5 video will be great, just might be a while before we get there.

  3. 22 July 2010

    I’ve started looking at Processing, good fun But looks like IE will be holding up things for a while. I’m not too bothered either which technology but JS/HTML5 still feels like a step back from AS3 to me.

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