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3 Comments 31 March 2009

Once I graduated I decided that I wanted to move to London so I began the hunt for a flash job and luckily enough I actually got the first one I applied for! The company was Research Now, an online survey company who were growing at 2 new employees a week! Up until I joined they were producing fairly simple html surveys. My job as the first Flash Developer was to create Flash Application to feature in the survey, and generally make them more interactive.

I started off simple by exchanging radio button questions for funky flash sliders like these:

Then I moved onto more advanced applications and developed a whole library of tools before I left for pastures new.

There was some great developers at RSN including Tavis Booth and Mark Hawkes and I learnt a lot from them. I started to use Flash much more as a developer than a designer and went on a couple of courses with Richard Lord at Ubiq. I started to develop using classes and within 6 months of being at the company became a Senior Developer and was interviewing people to work in my team.

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  1. 11 April 2009

    Word mang! Just a heads up, I’m ceasing to update my old site, the new one’s:


  2. 11 April 2009

    I’ve changed that mate! ;)

  3. 12 April 2009

    Danke schon ;)

    Tell you what, I’ve been doing my freaking nut the last day or two… I’ve got a pretty good custom rendering engine written, nothing fancy, but quick – got a decent game loop structure, everything’s awesome in firefox and standalone flash player – but IE kills it! Grrr…. I even reimplemented the demo in pulpcore ( to make sure I wasn’t going crazy (I wasn’t, it’s IE :( ) Do you ever have particularly noticeable slowdown in your flash stuff in IE? I think my problem is I’m expecting uber smooth scrolling, and IE caps the movie framerate at ~60 fps – and since my loop is timer based, this affects how often the timerevents are dispatched. Argh… Anyway, demos:

    -> flactionscript:
    -> pulpcore:

    Going to turn it into a simple tank vs. tank game tomo (today? it’s 4:30 am! oops) and implement in both… I’m not sure what to do now, it’s bad form to exclude IE users but they’d have a better experience with pulpcore… but then they’d have to get java if they don’t already have it… dilemmas!

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